Behind the Scenes of a Talk

Behind the Scenes of a Talk

I've been thinking about this for a while now. It just hit me that a whole year has passed since I gave my first tech talk. In the past year, I got to speak at some of my dream events and meet some really amazing people.

But you know, there are some things about giving talks that not many people talk about. I'm not sure if it's just me feeling this way or if others go through it too.

Think of it like a coin – there are two sides to preparing for tech talks.

The Bright Side

Feeling Proud

Giving tech talks makes you feel proud. When you take complicated ideas and break them down into simple bits that people can understand, it's like winning a challenge. You're not just sharing what you know or giving back to the community; you're proving to yourself that you can overcome tough things. This makes you more confident and helps you grow personally.

Making Connections

One of the coolest things about tech talks is meeting awesome people. It's not just about standing on stage alone; it's about creating a community. The friendships you build during these talks go beyond job titles and company names. Networking is more than just a fancy word; it's like having a group of friends who support you.

The Shadow

Feeling the Pressure

Behind those fancy slides and well-spoken speeches, there's a hidden challenge. Speakers often feel a lot of pressure. The fear of talking in front of people and the expectation to be perfect, tailoring it to the audience to make sure everyone gets the most value out of the content can be really tough on the mind.

Doubting Yourself

Ever heard of imposter syndrome? It's that feeling of not being good enough, and it can bother even the smartest folks. The more people notice your tech talk, the more imposter syndrome might sneak in and make you doubt yourself.

In simple terms, giving tech talks is like a rollercoaster ride. There are highs where you feel proud and connected, and there are lows where you feel the pressure and doubt. It's a mixed bag, and I wonder if others feel this rollercoaster too.

In conclusion, despite the challenges that come with giving tech talks, I've found the experience to be incredibly rewarding. Each presentation has not only allowed me to share knowledge but has also revealed a new version of myself.

To anyone who reads this & plans on taking a first step towards giving their tech talk, remember that behind a perfectly delivered talk that you have witnessed is a speaker who was equally nervous at some point.

So, to those considering taking the stage, relish the opportunity to discover and present the ever-evolving you—one talk at a time.

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